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Your donations will equally support the Charitable and Celebratory Campaigns.

The Charitable Campaign focuses on giving something back to Ottawa and the surrounding communities through supporting essential causes in our community. First, working in partnership with Soldiers Helping Soldiers, VETS Canada, the Commissionaires Ottawa, and the Multifaith Housing Initiative (MHI), we help to address Veteran’s homelessness in our community that includes a substantial contribution to Veteran’s House - a new facility that will be a supportive home to 40 vets.


Next, the campaign is looking to the future by empowering brighter futures for our youth through the Governor General’s Foot Guards Youth Achievement awards.  The result will be bursaries to deserving youth from our community, so that they may continue to grow and become even more outstanding citizens in the future.  


With 150 years of distinguished service, it is no surprise we also want to recognize our forebears.  To date the GGFG has contributed $25,000 for the Hill 70 memorial near Lens, France.  A renown battle honour on our colours, two members of our regiment earned the Commonwealth’s highest honour for valour in the face of the enemy - the Victoria Cross – at Hill 70 in 1917.  To date $405,000 of the $500,00 has been raised, primarily through corporate donations.

Donations to the Celebratory Campaign will help to cover costs associated with the activities, projects, events and memorabilia that are being planned which will help us to celebrate our 150th in true Guards’ style.

We are calling on all members of the Regimental family to partner with our corporate donors and make
individual donations to help us to get over the top. A Regimental family goal of $20,000 has been set.
Please consider making a monthly contribution from now until December 2022. To make your donation
click on the button below. Thank You!

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