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The 150th Challenge

We are pleased to be releasing a new PT programme to celebrate the 150th anniversary. This bodyweight calisthenics programme consists of 101 different exercises that will strengthen every muscle group, work your cardio, and improve your balance and mobility.

Each exercise has a corresponding Youtube video to review. Some of these are pretty straight-forward, but with calisthenics, form is key, so take the time to review the videos.

Not everyone will love every single exercise on the list. That’s okay. A fitness lifestyle comes from finding the exercises and approaches that work for you. But I encourage you to try all of them, and to reach the 150 goals, be it 150 repetitions for each movement, or 150 seconds total for isometric holds, or 150 minutes total for the cardio elements.


They don’t have to be done all in one go. You have a whole year to complete this! Keep a record, either online on the spreadsheet or just print it off and write in your sessions so you can track your progress.

There are no prizes beyond self-improvement, but if you decide to take this on, don’t cut corners. The only person you’re cheating is yourself.

For those looking for another challenge, there is a second sheet to the programme, the Sergeant Major’s Push-Up challenge. 150 push-ups a day for 150 days, every second day. Once you crack your second half century, the body appreciates the recovery day!
Good luck and stay fit.
Up the Guards!

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