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Guards Gate Project

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The Governor General’s Foot Guards Regimental Association is proposing the construction of a commemorative gate to celebrate 150 years of service to Canada, and the City of Ottawa.


The intended location of the gate is the south entrance of Confederation Park, off Laurier Avenue across from City Hall. The gate would widen, improve and beautify the entryway so that citizens and guests in the city would have enhanced access to the park and would accommodate numerous high traffic festivals and events which take place there.


The proposed site at the south entrance of Confederation Park is across the street from the Cartier Square Drill Hall. The regiment was housed in the park location in 1872, before the Drill Hall was completed in 1879. The band would practice in ‘The Arena’ (and home to the Ottawa Senators) at the future park site before the building was torn down in 1927. The regiment still utilizes the park for regimental events and activities. The memorial gate would reinstate the regiment’s presence in the park after the Rogers and Osgoode statue was relocated from it in 2006.


Discussions with the NCC are underway to place the gate at the south entrance of Confederation park. Fundraising for the work is being undertaken with a goal of $1,500,000 to construct the gate.

Guards Gate in the Media

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