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Operations and Training



The Governor General's Foot Guards parade every Tuesday night and one weekend a month. They train to be prepared for various operations and career courses. Their regular Tuesday night training involves a variety of physical and mental training. Physical training is an important factor as it allows members to conduct certain duties and tasks. For example, conducting section attacks and day and night time recce patrols. In addition, mental training plays an important factor as troops need to understand the task at hand in order to have a successful return. This can be seen through learning radio procedures, maps and compass, along with understanding various terminologies and how they come into play. The Governor General’s Foot Guards also train one weekend a month at either Canadian Forces Base Petawawa or Connaught Ranges and Primary Training Centre. The Tuesday night work up training gets put into action during a weekend exercise which allows members to have the opportunity and experience to put their physical and mental training into action.

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